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For this month’s  vendor spotlight series on our blog we’re featuring the lovely Chris and Gina Chong from Butter Studios! Through our vendor spotlights it is a great way for you to get to know your vendors a little better especially when trying to decide on which vendor you want to go with. We've all got a little personality of our own so we've asked the both of them a few questions.


How did the story of Butter Studios begin?

Every photographer has a story of how it all began; the spark that ignites the lifelong hunger for capturing chill-inducing photographs. For Gina, it began when she found an old camera in her parent’s closet. Over time, she discovered there was success and purpose found in photography, freeing herself from the academic box she had been cramming herself in, and leaning in to her natural eye for creative composition and her ability to make people feel comfortable in front of the camera.

In high school, Chris was an academic who took an elective photography class that revealed an artistic expression of his analytical perspective. He was always one to sit back and observe. With a camera in hand, Chris experienced a mental retreat, freely capturing a unique candid perspective in his photography.

These moments sparked a trajectory. Fresh out of a photography program at BCIT, Gina brought her camera to a friend’s wedding to snap some candid shots. When the wedding photographer’s camera broke, Gina took over and shot the wedding.

Established in 2004, we have shot hundreds of weddings and have had the privilege of documenting the lives of many of our couples as they grow their family and celebrate life’s milestones.

The quintessential Butter bride and groom are a classic couple with an elegant flare and meticulous attention to detail. Our trend-proof, crisp, clean, and rich photography style coupled with our Artistry Delivered promise will impress you and your guests and leave you with photographs that will take you back and propel the love forward.


What is your favourite part about being part of the Vancouver wedding industry?

It’s just an amazing talent pool in the Vancouver wedding industry! I love how we can create together and support each other so easily. It’s truly the best wedding city in the world! 

Best pre wedding photo advice for couples?

We always recommend our couples to incorporate their interests, hobbies, or their story into the pre-wedding/engagement photo session. Vancouver has no shortage of fantastic locations but we love the extra special touch to really show our couples’ personalities and their story.

Where is your favourite location to shoot?

Too many to choose from! We love finding new locations and coming up with new ideas for locations with our couples. We literally can create a great shoot anywhere! From clock towers to Italian cafes to a remote west-coast-style location, we’re always up for something unique and different!

What is your favourite memory of Blush and Butter Studios?

Blush always leaves a lasting impression whether it is providing the perfect gown for a bride we have photographed, at a social event, stylized shoot or at a bridal wedding show! One funny moment was when Chris posted a need to do a good deed on Facebook and Monti responded that a bottle of bubbly would brighten her day. So of course, we sent one over! 

Tell us a random fact about you we wouldn’t guess!

We traveled the world to find the perfect wedding album printer! Gina and Chris do not share camera gear with each other (we each have our own set of equipment… as in… duplicates of everything!).