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Sweet Pea Photography


We are starting a vendor spotlight series on our blog and our first feature is on the lovely Lori Miles from Sweet Pea Photography! Through our vendor spotlights it is a great way for you to get to know your vendors a little better especially when trying to decide on which vendor you want to go with. We've all got a little personality of our own so we've asked Lori a few questions.


How did the story of Sweet Pea Photography begin?

18 years ago I was working as a legal secretary and I took a huge leap of faith and quit my job to pursue photography full time.  It was both terrifying and exhilarating! In my first year, a client flew me to Italy to photograph their wedding on the island of Capri. I was fortunate to have that wedding published and have been photographing weddings primarily ever since.

What is your favourite part about being part of the Vancouver wedding industry?

There’s so many reasons!  One, this beautiful city provides such natural beauty and inspiring locations to choose from.  Secondly, the wonderfully talented vendors I get to work with on a regular basis!  Some of my favourite friends are people I met working on a wedding… planners, caterers, florists, Vancouver has a treasure trove of talented folk who are also warm, wonderful people.

Any photography planning advice for couples?

Other than asking them to trust me to get the job done (and give me plenty of time for getting ready photos, which is one of my favourite parts of the day to photograph!) I would highly recommend hiring a wedding planner to make sure your day runs smoothly. You’ve invested so much time and effort and energy, a good planner will facilitate things on the wedding day so you can relax and enjoy yourselves and each other.  This is important, as it will show in your photos if you are truly relaxed.

What brings you joy?

As I’ve gotten older, I find it’s the little things that really bring me joy… the sound of my daughter laughing, taking the dogs to the beach with my husband, sitting and talking with friends and family.  Seeing a bride’s happy reaction to her photos also brings me joy!  My job is very rewarding and getting positive feedback from my clients is what keeps me motivated.

What is your favourite memory of Blush?

Again, there’s so many!  Probably photographing my first Vera Wang bride in her gorgeous dress. Vera is such a genius and her gowns are a work of art.  Some of the editorials I have done with Monti and the girls at Blush with the stunning gowns have been a dream to shoot as well.  There is never enough time on the wedding day to photograph a bride in her gown so, dressing up a model with hair and make up and shooting all of the gorgeous wedding dresses is beyond fun for me… I could do it all day long!

Tell us a random fact or crazy story about Sweet Pea Photography!

Well, the company name, Sweet Pea was the nickname my Dad used to call me when I was growing up. Crazy story? After all these years, there are far too many to recall… some day, I think I will write a book.

When was the last time you danced?

That one is easy!  In Spain this September, with our bride and groom. We finished shooting their incredible wedding and around 2:30 a.m., we finally put our cameras down and joined the two of them and all their guests on the dance floor.  We stayed and danced under the stars until 4 in the morning.  Definitely one for the memory books!